Taiwan (and related) stories:

TAIWAN - Beijing bashes her, the president disowns her and the press derides her, but rebellious Taiwanese Vice President Annette Lu has already proven she has more balls than any two dozen men in politics. Feminist, lawyer, novelist, political prisoner - Lu has led an extraordinary life. And Middle Age hasn't mellowed the unsinkable Annette Lu.

-  Is the old Chinese guy in the fishing hat the spy of the century or victim of a racist witch hunt? An exclusive look at Taiwan-born Wen Ho Lee, currently held in solitary confinement and stripped of his rights for allegedly passing the crown jewels of America's nuclear arsenal to China in Nuke Spook?    

San Francisco - Every year about election time, talk in the Taiwan Straits turns to tanks and invasion schemes. Even on the other side of the Pacific, an exhibit of paintings got caught up in posturing of the Art of War.

Lu by Ron Gluckman; Wen Ho Lee from wire; Mdm Chiang from San Francisco Asian Art Museum