Stories from The Philippines

tbdeath5.jpg (5395 bytes)Death Row - The Philippines was the first in Asia to abolish the death penalty in 1987, only to become one of the world's only nations to reinstate executions less than a decade later. Over 1,000 men and women languish upon Death Row, while the nation remains in an uproar over the handful of executions held in 1999. Two reports, a lengthy inside story on Death Row and Manila's death penalty dilemma.

tbrice.jpg (3777 bytes)Los Banos - It's a Fort Knox of Genetic Material. It's vaults hold the wealth of future food supplies and its scientists have already staved off the worldwide starvation predicted by doomsayers decades ago. A visit to the International Rice Research Institute.

Mindanao - Muslim revolutionary Nur Misuari has made an amazing transformation from guerilla chieftain to governor, but the poor of Mindanao are still waiting for the peace dividend from decades of war while the Revolutionary Orders Room Service.tbsulu.jpg (3252 bytes)

The Sulu Sea - Kevin Costner squandered hundreds of millions of dollars building a fantasy world covered by water. In the wild, pirate-infested seas between Borneo and the Philippines, Sea Gypsies live their entire lives in a genuine Waterworld.

Taal - In the Philippines is a mountain crater containing a lake. In the lake is an island, topped by another mountain, which has a crater, containing yet another lake. In the midst of its warm waters is still another island. Here is Taal, among the world's smallest, but deadliest volcanoes. Let's go  Into the Volcano.

                                Death Row by Edwin Tuyay; Sulu by Stuart Isett; all the rest by Ron Gluckman