Stories from India

ASIA'S HOTTEST NEW BEACH - Is a blast from the past, as in five-centuries ago. Better known for hippie huts and all-night raves, this lush, laid-back coast is making a comeback, as tourists and five-star new resorts herald a rediscovery of groovy Goa.

Rajasthan - In this fairytale setting, visitors can cross the desert and dive into a land like the mystical Arabian Knights, only more colorful. And scores of fort and castle hotels offer regal lodgings fit for a king or queen.

Jodhpur- One of Rajasthan's old kings, the Maharaja of Jodhpur, talks about the impacts of tourism on this ancient land.

Jaisalmer - Tour the dunes the old-fashioned way, sandwiched between a pair of hairy humps. It may seem romantic, but in the Thar Desert, it's buyer beware.

tbtaj.jpg (3624 bytes)Taj Mahal - A true world wonder and among the most recognizable buildings on the planet, the majestic Taj Mahal does not disappoint on a magical daytrip from Delhi. Take a trip with Time magazine, in 12 hours for the Taj and all.

tbdarj.jpg (4928 bytes)Darjeeling and Kalimpong - Rest, recreation and a wicked cup of tea are on offer at two old British hill stations high in the Indian Himalayas. Darjeeling and Kalimpong have been popular holiday sites for over a century, wowing the likes of Rudyard Kipling and Mark Twain. See why the high-altitude towns captivate with stunning mountain views and great treks in remnants of the Raj era.

tbsikm.jpg (4955 bytes)Sikkim - Steep slopes and storybook towns clinging to craggy cliffs shrouded by mist makes Sikkim another  Shangri-la high in the Himalayas. Long on the list of travelers targeting the far corners of the planet, the ancient kingdom of Sikkim is opening up to tourism, and can you can take a tour in Kingdom in the clouds

* all pictures, unless otherwise credited, by Ron Gluckman