Australia - Down Under


LONELY PLANET - For 25 years, these guides have covered the globe, advising budget travelers where to stay, what to eat and, practically to the penny, what to pay for it. Now the challenge, says founder Tony Wheeler, is keeping up with the times without losing LP's freewheeling charms

ftcbr.jpg (1491 bytes)Coober Pedy, a modern-day cave city, featured in "Mad Max" as well as "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, the latter notably for portraying the place as something other than a nuclear wasteland. See why in Home Under The Range.

Melbourne is neither Australia's largest, nor warmest city, but it may well be the funniest. And it restates its claim to this title every year at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Hundreds of performers take the stage at the annual laugh-fest, a varied lot that include blind mimes, medical doctors, grandmothers and a fiery violinist who has found humor even in his arrival down under as a Vietnamese boat person.


Pictures by David Paul Morris, except the Wheelers, from Lonely Planet